Invader never stops if you give in to it – Olena Zelenska in interview with Corriere della Sera

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First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska gave an interview to the Italian publication Corriere della Sera.

The President’s wife spoke about the role of social networks in spreading the truth about the war in Ukraine and fighting Russian fakes.

“Here’s what I can’t understand: during World War II, there wasn’t so much information available. And the inhabitants of fascist states could justify themselves by the fact that they simply had nowhere to read about the crimes of their countries. Now, the desire to know about Bucha or Mariupol depends solely on the person. Everyone’s personal responsibility has increased in the 21st century, but not all people have realized it,” she said.

The First Lady also answered the question what she thinks about the position of some European pacifists, who consider supplying weapons to Ukraine as prolonging the war.

“Being a pacifist when a gun-wielding killer is coming at you is the last resort in your life. Just imagine that it is in your country, in the magical Milan or in Naples, that the Russian invaders penetrated. That they occupied the outskirts of Rome, killed the inhabitants of the suburbs. Their missiles hit residential buildings in Bologna every day. And then they take the breathless children out of there. And at this time, someone says: “Put down your weapons, do not resist! Try to talk to someone who just killed your parents with a bomb or bombed your children’s school,” Zelenska said.

“You must understand an important thing: an invader, like a rapist, will never stop if you give in to him. He will go further. And who knows if he will reach you? I wouldn’t want that. By stopping the invasion now, Ukrainians are stopping it not only for themselves, but also for Europe,” the President’s wife said.