Ryanair reach deal with pilots in Spain but cabin crew strike continues

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So far in 2022 the summer months have been heavily affected by travel problems.

Whether it be strike action by Ryanair and EasyJet’s Spanish cabin crew cancelling flights, Lufthansa scrapping hundreds of flights, Swedish and Danish pilots refusing to fly over pay and working conditions, lost luggage piling up at UK airports, the combination of strike action, intense heatwaves and staff shortages due to Covid-19 cutbacks have all combined to cause hundreds of cancelled and delayed flights every week across the continent.

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You’re probably keen, like everyone else, to try and get away on holiday this summer and to make the most of our newfound travel freedoms following the long lockdowns and restrictions that halted international travel.

That is of course if you can avoid the travel chaos, cancellations, delays, and money losses that seem to have become part and parcel of flying these days.

Fortunately, there are some airlines managing to maintain standards and provide a good service. 

So which are the most reliable airlines in Europe?

Europe’s most punctual airlines

In fact, two Spanish airlines – Iberia and Air Europa – have been named as the two most punctual airlines in Europe in the month of June, according to a report from Cirium, an aviation intelligence firm. 

81.34 percent of Iberia’s 13,196 flights arrived at their destination on time, making it the most punctual among European airlines in June.

It must be said, however, that despite their position in the top spot of European airlines, even their punctual performance was affected by the broader travel problems. For example, Iberia’s punctuality performance during June was lower than during May (87.55 percent).

Air Europa was shortly behind with a rate of 79.21 percent on its 5,176 flights during June, good enough to be rated the second most punctual airline in Europe.

Following the two Spanish airlines, the rest of the top 10 is as follows:

3. Norwegian Air Shuttle (72.8 percent)

4. Finnair (71.1 percent)

5. Norwegian Air International (68.6 percent)

6. ITA Airways (66.3 percent)

7. SAS (66.1 percent)

8. Air France (63.4 percent)

9. KLM (60.7 percent)

10. Aegean Airlines (60.3 percent)

International view

Yet Iberia and Europa’s performances in June, punctual as they were, were not enough to be global leaders.

Despite Iberia’s solid fifth place showing internationally, it was Japanese airline ANA that took the top spot with a 92.44 percent rate, and Japan Airlines at number two (91.89 percent).

Brazilian airline Azul rounded out the top three, with an 88.78 percent punctuality rate, and Colombian carrier Avianca came fourth at 82.25 percent. The rest of the top ten, which can be viewed below, was made up by three American airlines, Qatar Airways (71.21 percent) and SAS (66.12 percent).