Smug Starmer’s plot to seize on Tory leadership chaos FAILING despite desperate stunt

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The latest election tracker poll for shows ‘s party retains a nine-point lead over . The survey by TechneUK found that if there was an election tomorrow, 41 percent of the public would back Labour.

Out of the 1,629 people across the UK online on July 20 and July 21, 32 percent said they would support the Tories.

The Lib Dems would be backed by 12 percent, the Greens by six percent and the SNP by six percent.

Both Labour and the Tories saw their support increase by one percent when compared to’s previous election tracker poll conducted on July 14.

Labour failed to increase their lead despite the Conservatives spending the week locked in the bitter battle to replace Boris Johnson.

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Another added: “I’m not surprised they intervened to cancel another debate.

“Starmer must have been laughing all the way through the first two.”

The latest poll results suggest Tory MPs’ worst fears never materialised.

Sir Keir even had Labour put together a video montage of the biggest clashes between candidates in a stunt aimed at highlighting the party’s divide.

He also mocked the party’s candidates at PMQs on Wednesday afternoon, saying: “I think the truth is this – they organised the TV debates because they thought it would be a great chance for the public to hear from the candidates first hand, then disaster struck because the public actually heard from the candidates first hand.”

The Labour leader went on to mock and criticise each candidate individually.

Mr Johnson responded by saying: “What does it say about him that no-one can name a single policy after three years of the Labour opposition apart from putting up taxes?

“He’s one of those pointless plastic bollards you find around a deserted roadworks on the motorway.”