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France is planning a variety of events to mark the bicentenary of its most famous scientist, Louis Pasteur who was born on December 27 1822.

Celebrations are due to take place across the country and particularly in Dole (Jura) and surrounding where visitors can discover his birthplace.

Pasteur’s legacy is inseparable from his commitment to anchor science in the world, particularly in education and teaching. Trained as a chemist, he was to be at the origin of the most formidable scientific revolutions of the 19th century, in the fields of biology, agriculture, medicine and hygiene. Beginning his research on crystallography, Pasteur embarked on a path marked out by discoveries that led him to the development of the rabies vaccine.

But the scientist also embodied the desire to make knowledge a tool for educating every citizen. Today, he is one of the best-known French citizens: no less than 361 schools, colleges and lycées bear his name, as well as 3,354 roads, making him the second most celebrated name after former President Charles de Gaulle.

The Institut de France (the Academy of Sciences, the French Academy and France Mémoire), the Pasteur Institute, the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Agriculture, the Veterinary Academy, the École Normale Supérieure – PSL, the Fondation La main à la pâte as well as the Pasteur Institute of Lille and the University of Strasbourg are joining forces in 2022 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Pasteur, a major figure of scientific progress and of the historical time of the French Third Republic.

To pay homage to what he did for France, the country is dedicating 2022 to him. Events, workshops, conferences, exhibitions will allow us to better understand him and to make the places he particularly marked shine, starting with Dole and Arbois in his native region of the Jura mountains. This bicentenary year will culminate in December 2022 with a succession of events organised at the Institut de France, the Institut Pasteur and other prestigious organisations in conjunction with France Mémoire, the national commemorations service.

Louis Pasteur house in Dole (Photo: LC/Cleverdis)

The Jura region, birthplace of Pasteur

The most important events take however place around its birth region, the Jura. And particularly in Dole -its birthplace- and Arbois -the summer residence of the Pasteur family-. Both cities celebrate his bicentenary throughout the year. In Dole, visitors can discover the house he was born and enjoy a programme of festivities.

On July 9, Dole turned as a stage town for the Tour de France. Another important sport event will be the Cyclosportive La Louis Pasteur, on Sunday 21 August. In October Dole Museum of Fine Arts will celebrate the opening of the exhibition “Taking Care”.

From October 1 to 9, Arbois will host a Science Festival “Microb’scopic” with shows and workshops. In Montbéliard, an exhibition “Pasteur from the field to the laboratory” is organised in the Pavillon des Sciences from September 19 September to March 5, 2023: Exhibition. Finally, on December 27, 2022, a huge celebration will occur in Dole for his birthdate.

There is also a Pasteur route linking the towns and villages of Dole, Villers-Farlay, Salins-les-Bains, Mont Poupet, Marnoz, Aiglepierre, Montigny-les-Arsures, Rosières and Arbois. From his vineyard in Rosières where he did his research on wine fermentation, to the top of the hill Mont Poupet where he launched balloons, the Jura area is deeply linked to Louis Pasteur as he left his mark by multiplying experiments which led to a real scientific revolution…

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