Mad Butcher pops up to Howick market

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Sir Peter Leitch visited the stalls and Hancock’s Cafe on Saturday. Photo Sir Peter Charles Leitch Facebook

A New Zealand celebrity and well-known businessman visited the much-loved Howick Village Market over the weekend.

On Saturday, Sir Peter Leitch popped into Howick Village markets in the morning, caught up with old friends, and had a “very good” breakfast and strawberry milkshake at Hancock’s Cafe.

“Haven’t been to the Howick Village Markets for quite a while,” Sir Peter said on social media. “(It) was good to be back.”

His old friends included chef Peter, who he used to do the Good Morning Show with, and the headmaster of his granddaughters’ school, Lindsay, both of whom are vendors at the market.

The Mad Butcher seems to have enjoyed his visit!