Turkish football fans cheer ‘Vladimir Putin’ during a game against Kyiv

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A group of Turkish football fans chanted Vladimir Putin name during Wednesday night’s game between Istanbul’s Fenerbahçe club and Dynamo Kyiv, prompting Ukrainian officials to react.

Fenerbahçe fans shouted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name after Dynamo Kyiv scored during the Champions League qualification game. Kyiv defeated the Turkish team 2 to 1 to make it through to the third qualifying round of Europe’s top competition.

“It is very sad to hear the words of support from the supporters of Fenerbahce in favor of the Russian murderer and aggressor who bombed our country,” said Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar in response.

“I didn’t expect these chants. It’s a pity,” Dynamo coach Mircea Lucescu told Turkish media after the game.

“Ukraine knocked down Vladimir Putin on the Turkish ground with a score of 2 to 1 … We recommend Turkish fans to stay on the side of the winner,” Ukraine’s foreign affairs ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said.