Boris Johnson: My removal was ‘greatest stitch-up since Bayeux Tapestry’

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Boris Johnson joked that his removal as British prime minister was the “greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry,” a giant embroidered cloth dating back nearly a millennium.

Johnson, who will leave Downing Street on September 6 after being ousted by Tory Party colleagues, made the remarks during a belated party on Saturday to mark his marriage, which took place in May 2021 and had a limited attendance due to COVID-19 rules.

During the celebration at at Daylesford House in the Cotswolds, Johnson also quipped that he had received “masses of letters to resign, mostly from my closest family,” according to The Times.

“There are many opportunities, which lead to disasters, and disasters can lead to new opportunities, including to opportunities for fresh disasters,” Johnson wisecracked during his speech, according to the British newspaper.

According to the Sun, the couple had their first dance to Neil Diamond’s karaoke classic “Sweet Caroline,” an unofficial anthem for England football fans during the Euro 2020 tournament, and probably also a tribute to Carrie’s full name, Caroline.

The prime minister was forced to step down in early July, after growing Tory outrage eventually overwhelmed Johnson for his role in a scandal involving one of his key allies, Chris Pincher, who resigned from a government role amid allegations of sexual misconduct.