Heatwave: Germany braces for temperatures up to 40C

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Germany will see extreme heat again this week, as well as storms.

Published: 1 August 2022 12:32 CEST

People enjoy warmer weather on a jetty in Lake Starnberg, Bavaria, on August 1st. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Peter Kneffel

As we enter the first week of August, temperatures are set to climb higher once again. Here’s a look at what we can expect.

Monday: the calm before the heat storm

The new week starts with sunny and mostly dry weather, especially at the North Sea and from the South Baden area to the Alps. In the rest of the country, more clouds and a few rain showers are expected, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms in the west by Monday afternoon.

Highs of 18 to 24C were expected in the north and west, while the mercury was set to hover around 25 to 31C elsewhere. 

The German Weather Service (DWD) announced a purple heat warning for the south west corner of the country on Monday morning, as shown in the map below. 

Map: German Weather Service (DWD)

Tuesday: high summer picks up speed rapidly

All in all, Tuesday will bring more sunshine and not too much rainfall. However, at the North Sea will there be clouds and intermittent showers.

Temperatures of 26 to 30C are forecast, while it could hit 33C in the south west of Germany. Coastal regions remain less warm with highs of 22 to 25C.

Wednesday: getting hotter

The heat will build up rapidly mid-week, reaching 32 to 36C, and up to 38C on the Upper Rhine. The sun will shine from the south right up to the north, where the heat won’t be quite as strong. In the coastal areas, maximum temperatures are expected to range from 23 to 27C.

Thursday: heatwave peak – 40C possible

We are heading for the next super hot day this summer, with temperatures set to soar from 33 to 37C.  The nation’s hotspot, the Upper Rhine, will be sizzling, so take care. Here, the mercury could hit 40C, according to forecasters.

“On the Upper Rhine, 40 or 41C is possible, said meteorologist Dominik Jung from wetter.net. “Once again, temperatures are climbing to record levels this summer.”

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Jung said that July was already warmer than usual. 

“The summer of 2022 is on track to be one of the warmest summers since 1881,” said Jung. “August 2022 is also starting off very hot right away.”

The northwest of the country, however, will be slightly less warm. Showers and thunderstorms are likely to arrive too, and highs of 22 to 30C are expected.

Friday: storms spread

The east of Germany in particular will be increasingly humid with highs of 25 to 30C. Some heavy showers and thunderstorms are to be expected – and there is a risk of severe conditions due to heavy rain, hail and strong winds.

Meanwhile, the weather in the north and west won’t be as bad, but it will be cooler with 19 to 24C expected.

Weekend: summery in the south, but unpredictable in the north

The outlook for the first weekend in August is divided. The south will remain sunny at times, with local thunderstorms in the Alps, and temperatures of about 24 to 28C.

In the northern half, weather patterns will vary, with isolated rain showers on the coast and temperatures of 18 to 23C.