US ENTERTAINMENT – “Bullet Train,” a crazy, violent ride with Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny

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One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the world’s most popular Latino singer and a cast of wild and crazy characters on board a bullet train. Those are the ingredients with which “Bullet Train” – the film reuniting Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny – wants to conquer theater box offices this summer.

“It was a benefit of riches to have such a beautiful cast come together. A lot of that is a testament to directing a Brad Pitt movie. I think Brad is such a humble, gracious collaborator, but he’s also the best in the business, and so when it’s Brad (there are) a lot of people raising their hand (wanting to join the cast),” David Leitch, the director of the frenetic and violent action comedy that hits moviehouses this weekend.

Besides featuring two of the world’s most prominent celebrities, the film also brings together Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry and Andrew Koji to give extra oomph to an ensemble cast where nobody is a good guy, nobody is a hero and, of course, nobody has good intentions.