UKRAINE WAR GRAIN – Sale of 1st shipment of grain stalls as Kyiv scrambles to find new buyer

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A Lebanese trader who was expected to buy the grain aboard the first ship to leave the port of Odesa since Russia invaded Ukraine has rejected the goods as Kyiv scrambles to source a new buyer, the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut told Efe Monday.

According to the Ukrainian transport ministry, the buyer in Lebanon “refused to accept the cargo” aboard the Razoni and the owner of the grain is trying to find another buyer for the goods.

The new sale could be made to another trader in the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli, where the bulk carrier was initially scheduled to arrive over the weekend, or to a buyer from a different country, according to the embassy.

The Razoni, a Sierra Leone-flagged vessel, left the Ukrainian port of Odesa on August 1 and sailed through the Bosphorus two days later after passing an inspection by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), a commission of Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish delegates, in accordance with an Ankara-brokered and United Nations-backed deal that was struck on July 22 between Moscow and Kyiv.