War Memorial Hall

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It is clear the Howick War Memorial Information Centre is not going to reopen in its previous format.

Held within that facility is a big range of material that relates to Howick and its environs, such as pamphlets on the walkways of Howick, the Historical Walk of Howick, Mangemangeroa Walkway, parks and beaches, bus and ferry timetables, local businesses to name a few. It is a shameful waste of this material.

I’ve heard from a librarian at Howick Library that they get requests for information about Howick. I suggest an arrangement be made with Auckland Council and Howick Library that all the material relevant to Howick should be transferred to the library and displayed there.

The Howick Village Association has a very small display inside their door but the door is only opened if someone is working there so the material is not readily available. Perhaps the East Auckland Tourism group could help facilitate the release of this material from its incarceration behind brick walls.

Vicky Williamson
Bucklands Beach