Moldova investigates new string of bomb threats targeting airport

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Police in Moldova are investigating a series of bomb threats that targeted the country’s supreme court and Chisinau international airport.

A total of nine bomb threats also targeted shopping centres, hospitals and medical facilities, authorities said on Monday.

It comes after more than 40 similar incidents in July, which caused severe disruption at the capital city’s airport.

No explosives have been discovered and no one has yet been charged, although airport security has been bolstered.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita recently told Radio Moldova that some of the threats had been traced to IP addresses in Russia and Belarus.

Gavrilita did note that the addresses could have been manipulated and has called on Moscow and Minsk to investigate.

“It is very clear that these alerts are meant to slow our vigilance, keep us busy, [and] test our reaction,” she added.

Tensions in Moldova soared in April after a series of explosions in Transnistria — a Russian-backed separatist region which holds around 1,500 Russian troops.

The blasts raised fears that Moldova could be dragged into Russia’s war with its neighbour, Ukraine.