Big Bang and all that

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Thank you Loraine Harman and Randel Case for your comments on ‘Feedback’ (Times, August 10).

Comments on the principal idea, that science supports God’s laws was put forward in my letter to ‘Feedback’. Your personal ridicule and contempt adds nothing to our understanding.

Why not use the scientific methodology you uphold to test the statement made long ago, “in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth”.

Test this statement as you would any scientific hypothesis. It will require rigorous hard work on your behalf but the rewards are profound. The ‘Big Bang’ theory incidentally agrees with a ‘beginning’.

Science has always revealed the brilliance of the creator God’s designs and intentions. Scientists past and present have used this truth to further their experiments and give us the medicines, the discoveries of space that we all benefit from today.

Physicist Paul Davis writes ‘…that science offers a surer path to God than religion(s)’.

As for free will, we all exercise our free will to either accept or reject a loving creator God. Some will say yes, some say no.

Our responses do not alter God’s existence one iota.

Ian George