Charity dinner for ME

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Wendy Matthews, left, and Val Lott are organizing another charity dinner for those suffering from ME.

The Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust is looking forward to another event on Wednesday September 21 at the Lounge.

Thanks to Howick identity Val Lott who last July organised a Mid Winter Christmas at The Lounge in Howick.

This year the speaker will be Wendy Matthews, chair for The Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust, was so grateful for the support shown by the community for the event last year.

Tickets sold out in the first week and many businesses and individuals donated items for the auction. Matthews says the need is even greater now for the Trusts services.

Many have been helped through the Meals Support Programme and those receiving help have been incredibly grateful.

The trust is growing due to demand for its services.

It has just opened its second op shop, The Charity Corner, at 1484D Dominion Road, Mt Roskill.

Studies have shown that 10 per cent of those diagnosed with Long Covid will go on to receive an ME/ CFS diagnosis. The illnesses share many similarities according to the research of Professor Warren Tate at Otago University.

Matthews says she believes the ultimate goal of the trust, which is to provide respite care for those with ME/ CFS, will also be vital in caring for those with Long Covid.

Matthews, who has ME/ CFS herself and is at present in hospital, knows first-hand the need.

Her condition had deteriorated to the point where she was unable to tolerate food and tube feeding is necessary.

She still has a way to go but has been very grateful for the help given.

Many with ME/CFS do find that hospitals or rest homes are not conducive to the rest needed for their symptoms of light, chemical and noise intolerance.

They do better in very quiet environments.

“We want to provide a fence at the cliff top approach,” says Matthews.

“In reality, those with ME/CFS and Long Covid know that there is no ambulance waiting at the bottom when things get too hard. But we all hope research will provide some answers. In the meantime, we can ease the burden on patients and families through practical help.”

Tickets for the second charity dinner are available from Val Lott on 0274767003.