Zonta Club collects for chip packet project

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East Auckland Zonta Club member Marion Jones shows a survival blanket made from chip packets.

East Auckland Zonta Club members are collecting chip packets, biscuit packets or any other foil packaging to re-use for the creation of survival sheets (thermal blankets) for those living on the streets throughout New Zealand.

Annually, New Zealanders spend an average of $157 million on bags of the humble potato chip and a chip packet can take 80 years to decompose in landfill so collecting these for repurposing for blankets also assists the environment.

The CRISP Packet Organisation collects the foil items and fuses them together and when heat is applied, and another layer of recycled plastic is applied back and front they create blankets of 2m x 1.5m – enough to wrap an adult’s body.

The Chip Packet Project (CPPNZ) was founded in September 2021 during lockdown and was a spin-off of the UK-based organisation, Crisp Packet Project.

Zonta Club members became involved having heard, Terrena Griffiths, Chip Packet Project NZ, speak about the project.

For Further information or if you wish to contribute, contact eastauckland@zonta.org.nz or visit