PARIS 2024 – The pushback against Paris 2024

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With two years to go until the Olympic Games come to Paris, residents of the French capital’s economically deprived suburbs are campaigning against the construction of costly infrastructure that they say threatens green space and affordable housing.

“It’s a load of crap,” blurts Serge Begun, a resident of Dugny, in the northeastern Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, as he walks his dog through Aire des Vents, a local park.

A dozen cranes are working on the construction of the Olympic media village that will become 1,300 houses the neighborhood will “inherit”.

“Half the park has been taken away for buildings, even though there is space to construct around (the park). It’s incomprehensible. They’ve cut down trees, they’ve planted some small ones that are not suitable and have already burned down this summer,” Begun adds.