SHE-HULK – Maslany on She-Hulk, the reluctant superhero

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The latest Marvel offering She-Hulk: Attorney At Law tells the tale of a reluctant superhero, juxtaposing the world of capes with real human experiences, Tatiana Maslany, who plays the title character, tells Efe in an interview.

“To me that’s really the story we’re telling, about a woman who is just like trying to figure out her life and then this huge thing happens to her that she kind of doesn’t want anything to do with,” Maslany says days ahead of the series’ release Friday on Disney+.

The Marvel show came to fruition after years of insistence from fans. It tells the story of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who defends ‘superhumans’ and who, erroneously, receives a blood transfusion from none other than her cousin, Hulk, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo.