VIETNAM PROPAGANDA – Propaganda loudspeakers return to Vietnam capital’s streets

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Although Vietnamese authorities have turned to new technologies to influence the population, they are reluctant to abandon propaganda forms from last century, such as posters or loudspeakers, returning to the streets of Hanoi after five years.

The decision of the new mayor of the Vietnamese capital to progressively reactivate from now to 2025 the loudspeakers that had been falling silent since 2017 has surprised the residents. They mostly see this system, so popular during the war, as an ineffective, outdated and noisy form of communication.

“Loudspeakers in big cities, such as Hanoi, are archaic and redundant. Hanoi’s plans to have loudspeakers in every neighborhood by 2025 will not be effective because they will be drowned out by noise from the streets,” said Carl Thayer, professor emeritus at the University of New South Wales in Australia.