British army trains Ukrainian soldiers in urban combat techniques

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At an undisclosed army base in southeast England, several hundred Ukrainian recruits practice house-clearing amid the sound of gunfire and smoke grenades in a mock-up town, a place where British soldiers once trained for operations in Northern Ireland.

They are learning urban combat techniques as part of a programme to train soldiers from Ukraine. 

London has set a target of training 10,000 male and female recruits, many of whom have little military experience, over a period of 120 days.

More than 1,000 British personnel will be involved in the training which is taking place at four bases around the country. Several other nations, including Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden will also be contributing trainers.

Over a period of several weeks, with the help of a translator, the recruits will be put through a condensed version of the British army’s infantry training.

They will cover a variety of skills including battlefield first aid, weapons handling, patrol tactics, communication, and marksmanship.