MEXICO PRISONS – “Baby library” opens in Mexico to help kids of imprisoned mothers

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Books, a blackboard, painting supplies, a bin full of plastic balls, a keyboard, a television with movies available and assorted colorful play equipment are included in a new children’s educational center – dubbed a “bebeteca,” playing on the Spanish words for “baby” and “library” – that was opened on Wednesday in the women’s wing of the Chiconautla reinsertion center, a penal facility located in the municipality of Ecatepec, in central Mexico state.

The non-governmental organization Reinserta, which is sponsoring the program with financing from the US tech and e-commerce giant Amazon, created the space where more than 100 kids will continue with their development amid an environment designed to let them become familiar with colors, sensations and learning which, so far, they have not had access to because they’ve lived the first years of their lives with their mothers in the reinsertion center.