Slovakia’s plan to sell fighter jets to Ukraine divides a nation

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Just half of the respondents to a survey in Slovakia support the country selling its fighter jet fleet to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression.

That’s according to GLOBSEC, a Bratislava-based think tank.

Jaroslav Nad’, Slovakia’s defence minister, wants to hand over the country’s MIG-29 fleet in the autumn for €300 million. 

“Russian propaganda is doing its best in order to change the attitudes of the population to stop or to block further military equipment to be donated to Ukraine but this government certainly decided to continue in that because we need to help Ukrainians – they deserve that – and we very much understand what occupation means,” he said.

Another GLOBSEC survey revealed that although Russia is perceived as a threat by 62% of respondents, 37% still see Moscow as one of the most important strategic partners of Slovakia.