Gazprom to halt Nord Stream gas for 3-day maintenance

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No gas will flow through the Nord Stream pipeline starting August 31 for a three-day period, Russian Gazprom announced Friday night.

The halt of gas supply due to maintenance is a new blow for Europe, after earlier supply disruptions by Gazprom to EU-based clients sent gas prices skyrocketing. Nord Stream already underwent a 10-day annual maintenance in July, after which supply picked up again at reduced capacity.

Starting on August 31, the only gas turbine currently operating at Russia’s Portovaya power compressor station “will be shut down for a three-day servicing and maintenance period,” Gazprom said — including checks for cracks and leaks, cleaning and performance tests.

After completion, gas flows will resume at a rate of 33 million cubic meters per day, “provided that no malfunctions were identified.”

Europe and Russia have been bickering over the issue of gas turbines. Russian Gazprom has insisted that Western sanctions are to blame for Nord Stream operating at reduced capacity — saying that one of the turbines required could not be transported back to Russia after maintenance in Canada. German Chancellor Olaf Sholz shot down that argument.