COLOMBIA MARQUEZ – Colombian VP Marquez using her fashion sense to political advantage

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Colombian Vice President Francia Marquez did not arrive at her position of power just to “get comfortable” and what is catching public attention are both her words and deeds but also her fashion sense, with her outfits by young designer Esteban Sinisterra reviving fashion as a political act and statement.

The energetic and vibrant yellows of many of her outfits combined – according to which day it is – with blue and weaving in African fabrics stamped with circular, rectangular and geometrical motifs always stand out among the de rigeur suits and ties of the male officials and staffers around her.

“Many blacks in politics came and settled in, but Francia … came to implement what she believes and she feels that she should have been demonstrating this for a long time,” Sinisterra, the founder of the Esteban Afrika fashion brand, told EFE.