Italy: Moment 40-metre superyacht sinks off the coast of Catanzaro (video)

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A 40-metre yacht has sunk in the Mediterranean Sea after running into trouble about nine nautical miles (17 kilometres) off the coast of Catanzaro in Italy. The My Saga, flying the flag of the Cayman Islands and with an Italian crew, sank at about 1pm on Saturday while sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo, according to Italian media reports. Informs The national news.

The Italian coastguard rescued nine people on board — four passengers and five crew — over two days, the report said.

The Crotone Port operations room received a report late on Friday that a vessel was taking on water, according to news outlet Catanzaro Informa.

A Romanian vessel patrolling on behalf of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency was sent to the site, along with another patrol boat.

The first four passengers and a crew member were rescued by the Romanian boat on Friday. The other four crew members, including the captain, were rescued at dawn on Saturday, the report said.

Difficult weather on Saturday and the yacht leaning on its starboard side made it too dangerous to bring in a tugboat to beach the vessel, which sank quickly afterwards.

Moment superyacht sinks released BBC and SkyNews (to watch the video, follow the links).

The crew who were on board the tugboat were transferred to the coastguard patrol boat to be taken to Catanzaro Marina port.

An inquiry is to be launched to establish the cause of the sinking.

The My Saga was built in Italy in 2007 as Yuko, according to Super Yacht Times.