Not arguing about a God

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Here’s what I know of a God.

Ian George (Times, August 17) can test these biblical hypothesis easily I’m sure – God made the earth in six days.

God made Earth the center of the universe. There was Adam and Eve. They had babies and grandchildren, but no incest occurred.

Then God wasn’t happy, brought a flood and had to start again with a different couple. Okay, he sent his son (who wasn’t his son but actually God’s ghost impersonating his son), after the cross thing, he decided to never send his son/him/ghost ever again.

Yes Ian, science reveals the brilliance of God and converts like you, who adapts their religion to suit new discoveries (like taking “six days” as meaning “six God days” or 13 billion man years) help stabilise the “institution”, keeps it financially valid and for why – so gays can’t marry and trans people live in hell?

Randel Case
Buckland beach