Tributes paid to murdered daughter of Russian ideologue Aleksandr Dugin

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At a ceremony in Moscow, hundreds of people, roses in hand, lined up to say farewell to Daria Dugina, the murdered daughter of Russian nationalist ideologue, Aleksandr Dugin.

She was killed when a remotely controlled device blew up her car on Saturday evening. Her father was believed to be the target, who at the last minute decided not to travel in the vehicle.

“The highest price one has to pay can be redeemed only by [the] highest achievement – our victory,” said Dugin. “She lived for this victory, and she died in the name of this victory, our Russian victory, our truth, our Orthodox faith, our country, our State.”

Dugin went on to recount what he said was his daughter’s last words at a festival: “Father, I feel like a warrior, I feel like a hero. I want to be one, I don’t want any different fate. I want to be with my people, with my country”.

Russian intelligence has blamed their counterparts in Kyiv for carrying out the killing, increasing speculation that Ukrainian independence day celebrations on Wednesday will be disrupted by Russian strikes.

The Kyiv regional government banned mass events in the capital from August 22 to 25 due to what it said was “the high probability” of Russian missile attacks on the city during the week of Independence Day.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy struck a defiant tone, while raising the national colours at a memorial.

“The blue and yellow flag of Ukraine will again fly where it rightfully should be. In all temporarily occupied cities and villages of Ukraine,” he said, including the Crimea Peninsula which Russia annexed in 2014.