Free community workshops for parents

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Howick College is hosting free community workshops for parents.

Two local mums and Howick College have teamed up to provide two free community workshops for parents.

Clinical psychologist and CEO Dr Kristen Davis and clinical occupational therapist Leigh McCabe from The Psychology Group have extensive experience in working therapeutically with children, adolescents and families, and in training and consulting to professional.

The duo is passionate about supporting the development of “emotional literacy” – the ability to observe and describe emotions and the positive impact this has on relationships and the way we experience the world.

Howick College head of counselling Donna Brown says that the school is aware of the increased levels of worry and anxiety amongst young people.

“We often have parents asking us, what can we do? This is why we’ve teamed up with Dr Davis and McCabe to offer two free community workshops for parents.”

The Growing Emotional Resilience Parenting workshops are on Tuesday, August 30 and Tuesday, November 1.

Part One: Worry Warriors (August 30) will be focused on helping parents support their children to manage worries.

Part Two: Parenting with Mindfulness and Acceptance (November 1) will focus on understanding mindfulness, emotions, and learning the skill of acceptance.

The sessions start at 7pm (6.45pm arrival) at the Bill Dimmery Performing Arts Centre at Howick College on both days.

“We know that at times mental health and wellbeing resources can be hard to access,” Brown says.

“We know that as a community we all want our children to thrive so we are extending this invitation to anyone who would like to join us.

“We hope that we can work as a community to find ways to share knowledge and expertise that will further support our tamariki.”