EU would be a ‘welcome’ moderator in crisis with China, says Taiwan diplomat Wu Chih-chung

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A Taiwanese diplomat has said the European Union would be a “welcome” moderator amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Taipei.

Wu Chih-chung, Taiwan’s diplomatic representative in France, told Euronews “[a] moderator from the EU of course would be very welcome”. 

But he added: “the problem remains the same – will China accept a moderator from a foreign political entity?”

Chih-chung said Taipei is increasingly looking for help to bolster its military defences, following a rise in tensions sparked by the recent visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, to Taiwan.   

Amid increasing military drills, China has not ruled out taking the island by force, which it considers part of its national territory.

“Recently Germany and France also sent a lot of military aeroplanes [to Taiwan] …that’s a very important signal to send to China,” said Chih-chung, adding that “Taiwan hopes European countries can do more” in the future. 

Responding to the comments of EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borell that the bloc could act as a moderator in any future crisis between China and Taiwan, Chih-chung said it was very much a decision for Beijing.

Taiwan has set out a record €19 billion defence budget this year, amid unprecedented military drills by China earlier this month. 

The position of both the US and EU countries towards Taiwan is unclear, especially in the event of a full-scale invasion by mainland China. 

This is largely due to the policy of “strategic ambiguity” by the US, although this has recently been brought into question after US President Joe Biden suggested the US would come to the defence of Taiwan.

Pelosi’s arrival in the Taiwanese capital in August triggered a strong, immediate reaction from Beijing, which has since ramped up its military presence in the waters separating it from Taiwan.  

At the time, China’s ministry of foreign affairs denounced what it called “a serious violation” of US commitments to Beijing, which “seriously undermines regional peace and stability”.

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