France’s Emmanuel Macron is a ‘tres bon buddy’ of the UK, says Boris Johnson

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The outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected Liz Truss’ reservations regarding ties with France, calling French President Emmanuel Macron a “très bon buddy” on Friday.

“I think I’ve always had very good relations with Emmanuel Macron, and Emmanuel Macron est un tres bon buddy de notre pays,” Johnson said.

“The relations between the UK and France are of huge importance,” he continued. 

“They’ve been very good for a long time, ever since the Napoleonic era, basically. And I think we should celebrate that, and as for Emmanuel, I’ve had a very good relationship with him. 

“And I can tell you something, he’s a great, great fan of our country,” Johnson concluded.

UK prime minister’s comments came after Truss — the foreign secretary campaigning to be the next Conservative leader — said that the “jury’s out” when it comes to Macron being a friend or foe of the UK.

Macron has also reacted to Truss’ words, stating that the UK has always been a friend of France during his visit to Algeria.

“If we are not able, between the French and British, to say whether we are friends or enemies — the term is not neutral — we are headed towards serious problems,” Macron lamented.