Estoril Conferences 2022: Inspiring hope for the future

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In Portugal, some of the brightest minds from around the world have met for a two-day event to tackle global challenges.

The Estoril Conference strives for intergenerational dialogue between international leaders and younger generations. It hopes to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

“Everything we do exactly now is having a very direct effect on the life of people in 2100 and those are people who are very close to us and we have to believe and relate to that time like it’s very close to us,” says Andri Magnason, a writer and film director.

From climate change to tackling discrimination, barely any topics were left off the table.

“A lot of my work is focused on representing communities that are very underrepresented, such as disabled people in south Asian communities,” says Shani Danda, a disability expert, and entrepreneur. “Sadly, I don’t think that the governments and charities are doing enough.”

Although there were very diverse and wide-ranging views, one point in common was quite clear: change must be a joint effort by all, because failure is not an option.