The next steps for the new King Charles III

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II has triggered a series of carefully structured ceremonial and constitutional steps, as Britain undergoes a period of national mourning and heralds the reign of King Charles III.

The long-established 10-day plan, code-named Operation London Bridge, has been adapted to the specific circumstances of the Queen’s death in Scotland, and some details have not yet been publicly confirmed.

Here is a look at what will happen in the coming days for the new King.

On Saturday Charles meets at St. James’s Palace with senior officials known as the Accession Council and is officially proclaimed King.

The proclamation will then be read aloud from a balcony at St. James’s Palace. It will also be read out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The King will likely conduct his first tour as the Monarch after this.

However, it is unlikely that the coronation will be held anytime soon.

Queen Elizabeth II had to wait over a year to have her ceremony. They are costly, highly choreographed affairs and therefore require a lot of planning.

It’s therefore likely that this will happen in 2023 some time. So far no specific date has been set.