EU is committed to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European future, mission head declares

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A month-long military exercise in Bosnia and Herzegovina shows the European Union’s commitment to the country’s European future.

That’s the message from the EUFOR’s Deputy Head of the EU mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aurelie Valtat.

The peacekeeping mission had already beefed up its military presence there earlier this year amid recent tensions.

The comment was made as thousands of troops from 20 different countries take part in drills across the country.

“It will demonstrate the EU’s resolve to reinforce the EU force in-theatre component with over-the-horizon reserve forces from EU member states and NATO – if needed. It thereby, underlines, the EU’s unequivocal commitment to the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

However, Sarajevo will have to undertake reforms in certain key areas in order for its EU candidacy to be granted official status.

Meanwhile, those taking part in the drills include special forces from Italy, Austria and Turkey.

The EUFOR oversees the military implementation of the 1995 Dayton Agreement which was created after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.