Sussex man ‘wants more’ Christmas decorations despite home bursting with 10,000 ornaments

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A Sussex man filled his home with 32 Christmas trees and over 10,000 decorations and has no plans of slowing down, a news report has claimed. Geoff Stonebanks, 69, from Seaford, Sussex has immersed himself in the Christmas spirit by bringing Winter Wonderland inside his home.

His two-bedroom bungalow is full of different types of decorations including a whopping 32 Christmas trees, over 150 metres of tinsel and a massive 1,400 decorative ornaments.

However, his partner of 23 years, Mark Glassman, 58, isn’t as excited as he is and is not so pleased with his bungalow being packed with Christmas decorations.

Mr Stonebanks told Mirror: “By New Year’s Day we’ve had enough as they’ve been up since December 1.

“I love Christmas, but my partner hates it, although he has to tolerate my decorations.

“It takes a week of full-time decoration to erect them all and the tree in the living room takes a day on its own.”

The news report further stated that Mr Stonebanaks start unpacking all 40 boxes every year in November to decorate the house with the collection that has ornaments dating right back to his childhood.

Mr Stonebanks inherited his interest about decorating by helping his mother deck out the pub owned by his family.

His parents own the pub, The Dolphin in Oxfordshire, which he inherited after their retirement in 1987.

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