Pensioner who was ‘having eggs on toast’ for Christmas dinner handed heartwarming gift

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A charity owner who visited an elderly woman’s home to fix a leaking tap was left devastated after finding out how the cost of living crisis has impacted her life as he gifts her a food shop that will last two months. James Anderson, from the charity Depher cic UK, visited the home of an 89-year-old woman to fix her leaking tap but was left shocked after discovering her empty fridge.

Mr Anderson claimed the woman, named Mary, had “cried on his shoulder for 40 minutes” as he begged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to look into how costs are impacting the elderly this winter.

Speaking to the Express, he said: “Mary has £1.67 in her bank account until mid-January. For Christmas, she’s received three presents from friends and a few cards.

“She is having eggs on toast for her Christmas dinner. I went to see her to repair a leaking tap and she cried on my shoulder for 40 minutes.

“Her everyday bills have risen, she has seen a massive impact on what she has to pay, and also to stop using.”

In an act of kindness, Mr Anderson bought Mary a food shop from Asda that was delivered on Wednesday ahead of Christmas.

The food shop is enough to last her “60 days” and will ensure she’s able to have a Christmas dinner this weekend.

Mr Anderson added: “The food means she can stay warm for an extra two hours a day, with a smile.

“There are over 300 people a day coming to us with the same issue, we send food to homes in all parts of the UK and we top up meters all over the UK.”

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The charity has been hard at work this winter, with hundreds of requests coming in from pensioners and vulnerable people needing support with costs. The charity also helped a woman who is fighting a terminal illness by paying for her heating and hot water this month.

The woman sent the following message to Mr Anderson: “Good evening James. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting heating and hot water back on in the house. I was at my lowest when you came to my rescue.

“I am on benefits and would never have been able to afford this with no insurance. The boys that fitted it were so kind and worked in very cold conditions. They did a sterling job. 

“Thank you so much James. You are a very caring, compassionate person. I would like to wish you and your lovely family the best of Christmas wishes.”