The best wellington boots for men, women and kids this winter

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Few things unite Britons from farmers to the fashion set than wellington boots. Defined by their durability and the fact they can withstand the UK’s 1200mm of average yearly rainfall, they’re the quintessential British shoe. 

“It’s more than practicality now – wellies are something of a status symbol,”says Fiona Coe of Coes, an independent chain of clothing and country attire shops in Suffolk and Norfolk (and something of a welly expert). That’s why so much has been made of the fact that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s favourite brand is Le Chameau (whose sales rose 36 per cent once it was known.)

As a mostly-city-dweller whose heart belongs in the country, I’m interested in finding wellies that look good as well as feel good, and which can hack a sludgy country field but wouldn’t look out of place on Hampstead Heath. That’s a tall order. Read on below for our full reviews, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary.

At a glance: the best wellington boots for 2023

Support is also a key consideration for wellies; most I’ve had in the past have been totally waterproof, but have had the support of a flip flop. Wherever you fit in the broad church of welly-wearers, you will want something durable, comfortable and – above all – as waterproof as your favourite coat. So which should you buy? 

“The strict criteria we have for countrywear is that they are fit for purpose, durable and look good,” Hillary Bacon of Cordings, the traditional country outfitters in Piccadilly, London, tells me. She likes royal-approved Chameau boots but notes they are a significant outlay and by no means the only option. 

Coe favours Barbour (“If you want a good pair at a reasonable price, that you know is going to last you, they’re the ones to go for”) and the new heritage country-wear brand Holland Cooper, whose sherpa-lined wellingtons are a popular urban-country hybrid option. 

If you’re looking for wellingtons for occasional wear, or for kids, you may not want to spend upwards of £50 on a pair. But Bacon says: “I always apply a simple calculation – number of times worn divided by the price. A good pair of boots will last for years, so if you are intending to wear wellingtons even once a month it’s worth it.” Read on below for our full reviews, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary.

How we tested the best wellington boots

Writers Abigail, Hattie and families walk the most popular wellington boots for men, women and kids through winter mud

Along with Hattie Garlick, the Telegraph’s countryside and parenting correspondent, who lives in a watery part of Norfolk, I’ve stomped along footpaths and through muddy fields with the help of willing family members and canine friends to find the very best wellies for men, women and kids. We took grip, comfort, the quality of the waterproofing and whether they succeed in keeping feet warm into account. The results are below. (And, if you spend a lot of time in muddy puddles, you might want to read our guide to the best waterproof jackets too…)

The best wellington boots

1. Hunter Balmoral Adjustable wellington boots

£185, Hunter, for women and men

Best for walking, 10/10

What we liked: the grippy, durable sole

Hunter: technical wellies that can handle any terrain

Recommended by Abigail Buchanan

  • 3mm neoprene lining
  • Adjustable gusset and buckle
  • Multi-directional tread for traction and mud release
  • Versions for men and women

My top choice of welly brand has the royal seal of approval. Hunter, which was founded in 1856, holds two royal warrants of appointment to The Queen. The (slightly) cheaper Hunter Originals (£105, Hunter) are still enduringly popular, but my top choice are the technical Balmoral wellingtons, which are available in both men’s and women’s sizes (UK 3-14) and three colour options.

They have the best sole in the business: a super-sturdy lugged Vibram design offers great grip and traction and even stood up to an eight mile walk on Boxing Day, which is far farther than I’ve managed in other wellies. I tested these on boggy fields and muddy footpaths, but I reckon they could take snow in their stride, too. They’re lined with 3mm neoprene, which you instantly notice in terms of how they feel on the inside (plush) and how warm they keep your feet (very). They even come with 3mm and 5mm neoprene insoles, so you can adjust the fit. 

They have a slip-on design with an adjustable buckle on the calf and a handy heel spur to help you take them off, but you could opt for the version with a full-length zip if you need a pair that are even easier. Overall, the boots feel sturdy, warm and surefooted; you can tell they’re built to last. 

The Hunter Originals, which I also tested, are worth considering. They’re unanimously voted the favourite of Glastonbury-goers, and manage to be hard-wearing, durable and comfortably flexible at the same time. 

Price at

2. The Original Muck Boot Company’s Unisex Muckmaster Short wellington boots

£108, the Muck Boot Company

Best for  heavy wear and extreme conditions, 10/10

What we like: these are the Monster Trucks of the welly world

The Muck Boot Company: durable boots that can handle a hard day’s work

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • 5mm neoprene lining
  • No gusset or buckle
  • Durable lug outsole for grip
  • Unisex

My 11-year-old son tested these boots and took the role seriously, clambering up to the top of a wet Welsh hill, wading through shallow streams, traversing bogs, conducting a mud fight, yet these held up to it all. They’re made to be a working boot and it shows. 

The grip on the sole is tapered away from the boot, the idea being that mud and small stones don’t get stuck. To my surprise, it actually works. It also extends up the boot’s heel, giving you extra grip and thus confidence on hillsides and craggy landscapes while also acting as a kick-spur (making it easier to heave your boots off when you get home).

Rubber reaches almost up the whole length of the boot. The top band is stretchy neoprene that fits snugly to your leg and stops any chilly drafts or puddle splashes seeping in – it also allows you to pull the boots on easily. But the boots are actually fully-lined with 5mm of neoprene, making them thicker, warmer and more comfortable for long walks than standard wellies. A solid, reinforced toe-cap means you can kick balls, climb gates and more without fear. They’re unisex, available in sizes UK 4-13 and two lengths.

Price at
The Muck Boot Company

3. Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Lined wellingtons

£200, Le Chameau, for women and men

Best for shooting, 10/10

We liked: their durability

La Chameau: the best wellies for impressing a Duke or Duchess

Recommended by Abigail Buchanan

  • 3mm neoprene lining
  • Gusset and adjustable tightening strap
  • Shock absorbing dual-density grip
  • Versions for men and women

Le Chameau is a true heritage brand; it was founded in 1927, and both Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have been pictured sporting a pair of their wellies. The Vierzonord Wellingtons come highly recommended by Hillary Bacon of Cordings, too. It’s no wonder they have the royal seal of approval; each pair of Le Chameau boots is handmade by an individual “maître bottier” (master bootmaker), and they’re understatedly stylish, with a flash of a bright blue lining, and of excellent quality. They’re made from natural rubber and come in sizes UK 2.5-14 and three colour options.

The soles feel firmer and slightly more inflexible than the models above, but I like that they feel sturdy enough to handle tricky terrain, and the 3mm neoprene lining keeps my feet and calves warm – to be frank, at this price, it had better. They’re also adjustable via waterproof gussets and buckles on the side of each boot. 

Price at
Le Chameau

4. Aigle Parcours Two wellington boots

£125, Cotswold Outdoor, for women and men

Best for long countryside dog walks, 10/10

We liked: they’re so lightweight you forget you’re wearing wellies

Recommended by Rebecca Astill

  • Polyamide lining
  • No gusset or buckle
  • Lugged sole in tri-density rubber
  • Versions for men and women

The selling point to these Aigle Parcours Two wellies is the brand new ‘anti-fatigue’ technology, meaning you can walk further without getting tired. This is thanks to the tri-density sole which has a cushioning rubber inset, a stabilising midsole, and a 360 degree gripping sole inspired by a chamois mountain goat hoof, no less. Essentially, they absorb impact better than other wellies, meaning you feel less strain on long walks.

Having tested these on a 10 mile walk around Cornwall in that soggy time between Christmas and New Year, I can confirm they really are comfortable. I actually look forward to wearing them, and then forget they’re on my feet for most of the walk. The wellington boots area completely waterproof too – the Cornish weather tested that for me, they dry off within minutes and are easy to clean thanks to the natural rubber.

I’ve had mine for five years so far, so they stand the test of time. The Aigle boots are easy to pull on and off, and I keep mine stored in the Aigle Classic Boot Bag (£14.99 on Amazon). They’re definitely on the expensive side but worth it for their durability.

Price at
Cotswold Outdoor

5. Barbour International Mugello wellington boots

£45, Barbour (women’s) 

Best for city wear, 9/10

We liked: they’re robust, weather and waterproof yet shiny and chic 

Barbour: wellies that can be worn in the city or country

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Fleece lining
  • Adjustable buckle and zip
  • For women

There are, obviously, bigger problems with which to concern oneself, but few have a more pressing impact on my day-to-day existence (juggling dog walks with work deadlines and the school run) than the search for the perfect, versatile wellington boot. A boot for all occasions.

These boots bring my quest to a happy end. They look like trendy biker boots – short in height, rubber masquerading as patent leather, and decorated with a chunky buckle. 

They look great on city pavements, paired with thick tights and a dress or jeans. But they are also entirely waterproof and their soles have great grip, so they tested equally well on short dog walks down the country tracks and lanes around our village. Best of all, they are also fleece-lined and thus incredibly cosy in winter. You wouldn’t want to tackle truly boggy fields in these, but I can now head into town, grab a coffee, pick the kids up from school, then give the dog a quick sprint without changing. First-world problem, satisfyingly solved. 

Price at

6. Hunter Insulated Roll Top Sherpa wellington boots

£120, Hunter (women’s)

Best for putting on and taking off, 9/10

We liked: the cosy lining

Hunter: cosy wellies lined with fleecy sherpa

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Vegan Shearling lining
  • No gusset or buckle
  • For women

For those with mobility issues, stiffness or just general middle-age aches and pains, these boots are a godsend. The foot is coated in natural rubber while the length is fleece-lined neoprene, making them extremely flexible and exceptionally easy to climb in and out of. You can roll the neoprene down to make the job even easier and there’s a long, sturdy tag at the back to help. 

I’ve taken to leaving them by the back door, rolled down, so that I can step straight into them for garden jobs (putting the bins out or feeding the chickens). For dog walks, I roll them up and they reach mid-calf (better still, the generous diameter and fleece-lined top means they never chafe). 

Once your feet are in, the flexibility and super-warm, super-soft lining (even the insole is fleece-covered) feel as if you are wearing slippers. Moisture is efficiently wicked away and the grip has proved more than a match for the mud-slicked fields I now tramp them through daily. 

Price at

7. Fitflop Wonderwellys

£90, Fitflop (women’s)

Best for comfort, 8/10

We liked: the lightweight design

Fitflop: comfortable, lightweight wellies with a supportive sole

Recommended by Abigail Buchanan

  • Polyester lining
  • Adjustable buckle
  • ‘Springboard’ ridged footing
  • For women

These wellies claim to be ‘the most comfortable in the world’. That may sound like a marketing spiel, but on testing I found them almost as comfortable as trainers, thanks to the springy ‘honeycomb’ mesh in the footbed and heel, plus the lightweight, flexible rubber of the boot. I didn’t take them for a run, but they are so comfortable and supportive that I swear I could have. Although they’re unlikely to be the top choice for fashionistas, they look decent, and come in three colours. 

And more importantly still, they’re very practical. The flexible rubber they’re constructed from means they’re incredibly easy to get on and off – the easiest of all the boots I trialled, in fact. The lightweight rubber is only lined with polyester, so these wouldn’t do for outdoor work or all-day-wear in cold weather, but they’ll see you through many a rainy afternoon. 

Price at

8. Joules Fieldmore Tall Welly with Neoprene Lining

£55.95, Joules (men’s) 

Best for wide calves, 8/10

We liked: the classic tall shape and generous expanding gusset

Joules: classic, neoprene-lined wellies that are a great all-rounder

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Neoprene lining
  • Expanding gusset and adjustable buckle
  • Tread sole for extra grip
  • For men

These wellies were put through their paces by my husband, Tom, and dog Basil, who tested them on their regular morning route through woods and muddy fields as well as several outings to the beach. 

Tom approved of the design – a classic tall wellington boot, without any snazzy features or flashy logos. They also have a soft neoprene lining in a subtle tartan print and are relatively reasonably priced. The near-to-the-knee height suits taller wearers like 6ft 2 Tom. The expanding gusset is the real USP here though – generous enough to ensure that you really can expand them to any size of calf, then buckle to fit. 

Price at

9. Holland Cooper Sherpa Lined Regency wellington

£149, Holland Cooper (women’s) 

Best for warmth, 8/10

We liked: the luxe-looking details

Holland Cooper: glamorous wellies with gold hardware

Recommended by Abigail Buchanan

  • Thermal sherpa lining
  • Two adjustable buckles
  • Traction grip sole
  • For women

These are the kind of wellies that rural dwellers could be snobby about. But don’t let the gold buckles and plush thermal sherpa lining convince you they’re not hard-wearing – I found these urban-glam boots to be more than up to the job. 

The deep lugged sole and durable vulcanised rubber mean they offer superior grip on slippy, muddy terrain, as well as cosy warmth and comfort that rivals my trusty UGG boots. They come in sizes UK 3-8, three colours, and have a waterproof gusset and buckle to adjust the calf size. 

Due to the thick lining, I would say these are slightly tricker to pull on and off than the other pairs I tested. But they fit the bill perfectly if your goal is to keep warm on a winter walk and look good whilst doing it (until you find a pub with a roaring fire for a pitstop). 

Price at
Holland Cooper

Best wellington boots for children

10. Hunter Big Kids Giant Glitter wellingtons

£60, Hunter (kid’s)

Best for girls, 10/10

We liked: function meets fashion (and hopefully persuades kids to take walks)

Hunter: glittery wellies for big kids

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Polyester lining
  • Buckle
  • Rubber outsole with Hunter Original tread pattern
  • For kids

For children who live in the middle of the countryside, my two are bewilderingly reluctant to venture outside into it. Until, that is, these boots came along. My eight-year-old daughter did not care a hoot that they are handmade from natural vulcanised rubber and highly resistant to wear and abrasion (although thick socks are a must to avoid calf-rubbing).

She did not care (though I very much did) that Hunter’s tread patterns leave her unlikely to slip on our muddy walks, or that the back of the boots have prominent silver reflectors at the heel and rim. She did not care that the polyester lining has a space on which to write your name and a telephone number. 

All she cares about is that they sparkle glamorously with multi-coloured glitter. Dog walks suddenly got cool (though these will also be fantastic for festivals, camping trips, and even look great with party dresses). They’re available in sizes UK 12-4 and three colour options.

Price at

11. Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Fleece Lined wellies

£21, Muddy Puddles (kid’s)

Best for toddlers, 9/10

We liked: cold and wet feet are banished by this clever design

Muddy Puddles: fleece-lined wellies to keep kids feet cosy

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Fleece lining
  • Lace tie for fastening
  • Gripped sole
  • For kids

When it comes to toddlers and small children, two complaints commonly plague walks. One: cold toes. Two: wet socks. Muddy Puddles, started by a mother from the kitchen table of a Devon farmhouse, have been my go-to solution ever since my children began to toddle around. Fleece-lined throughout, they keep small feet and legs warm. But they also have a quilted upper that ties around the calf with a jauntily striped lace, so that children can jump in muddles without muddy splashes coming in over the top of their wellies. It even blocks draughts and snow. 

The rest of the boots are made from thick, high-quality rubber with super-grippy soles. A silver reflective strip runs right the way up the back of the boot, for extra visibility on darker afternoons. Though perfect for toddlers, my eight-year-old loved how toasty she stayed in them – and I wish they came in my size too. 

Price at
Muddy Puddles

12. Bobux Paddington wellington boots

£63, Bobux

Best for developing feet, 8/10

We liked: these look and fit like an ankle boot, but have all the weather-proofing of a welly

Bobux: hardy waterproof ankle boots inspired by Paddington Bear

Recommended by Hattie Garlick

  • Merino lining
  • No gusset or buckle
  • Hive design grip
  • For kids

The majority of toddlers have flat feet and develop a normal arch as they grow up. Most wellies are too roomy to offer them a great deal of support – not a problem unless your toddler lives in hers. Still, if you are looking for waterproof boots that are good for developing feet, these might be the answer. 

The Paddington (named after the world’s most famous welly-wearer) takes the waterproof qualities of traditional gumboots but swaps rubber for more supportive premium leather. A zip runs up the side, secured with a popper, making it easy to slide little feet in and out. Once on, the fit is far closer than your bog-standard welly, both around the foot and ankle. 

Their patented ‘SPASHTEX’ internal membrane claims to keep feet dry for up to four hours submerged in water. We didn’t test them quite to that limit, but many outings in heavy rain and through shallow puddles produced zero complaints and no soggy socks. However, they’re only ankle-height, so are more for city parks or warmer weather walks than sloppy fields or deep puddles. 

Price at

How should Wellington boots fit? 

“You should always try on your boot with appropriate socks,” says Bacon, in order to get the correct fit. “The boot should allow slightly more movement than a walking boot, but you want to make sure your foot is properly supported and your ankle and calf are comfortable. If you intend to wear them in colder months, neoprene lined wellingtons will give you extra warmth.”

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