What the papers say – January 3

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The Duke of Sussex’s latest comments about his relationship with his father and brother dominates the papers on Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express all lead with Harry saying he wants to reconcile with the King and Prince of Wales.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror and i report the future of the NHS is “on a knife edge”, with warnings the pressure on the nation’s hospitals is set to last until April.

The Independent says passengers to the UK from China will not have to take a Covid test on arrival from next week.

The Financial Times leads with a warning that the UK will face one of the worst recessions and weakest recoveries out of the G7 countries this year.

Ministers fear millions of Britons will be put off train travel for good as a result of industrial action, according to The Times.

And the Daily Star says health experts are encouraging people to eat their Christmas trees for a “New Year health kick”.

Source: independent.co.uk