Romanian authorities seize Andrew Tate’s car collection as investigation continues

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The Romanian authorities are reported to have seized Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan’s collections of cars

It comes days after the 36-year-old self-avowed “success coach” was arrested alongside his brother by Romanian authorities for a human trafficking investigation.

Tate, a former Big Brother star famed for his misogynist views, has previously referred to married women as “property” that their husbands own.

In footage where Tate talks about feminism, the former kickboxer claims women should “shut the f*** up, have kids, sit at home, be quiet and make coffee”.

The Romanian authorities have seized Tate and his brother’s car collection estimated to be worth over five million euros as well as seizing a number of buildings, including one where the two brothers lived and allegedly held six young women, according to a local news report.

Spy News reports a Buggati Chiron, a Rolls Royce, two Ferrari cars and a Porsche have been seized by the police.

Tate, who has been banned from a number of social media platforms for infringing their rules, was arrested by Romanian police after they entered the villa he was staying in with his brother last week.

Ramona Bolla, of anti-organised crime agency Diicot, stated all four suspects, including Tate, will be held for 30 days after a judge lengthened their initial detention period of 24 hours. Ms Bolla noted the decision was not final and the suspects have the right to appeal.

The Independent previously covered research by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) which unearthed 47 videos of Tate pushing what it describes as “extreme misogyny”.

The report unearthed ads on videos where Tate discusses fighting women, saying “grip her up by the neck” in a video, which has been viewed 1.6 million times, as well as referring to putting his “imprint” on 18-19 year-old girls in footage which has accrued 8.4 million views. While another video where he states, “being a man” means “being territorial” of women, has been viewed 3.3 million times.

Tate was kicked off the 17th season of Big Brother in 2016 after footage emerged of him appearing to hit a woman with a belt – with him responding to the video by saying the behaviour was consensual.

His Twitter was restored alongside that of former president Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West in the wake of Elon Musk gaining control of the social media site.

The Independent has contacted the Romanian Police for comment.