‘Don’t blame Brexit, blame Tories’ urges ex-MEP as third of Leave voters sour on choice

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Brexit has NOT failed, a former MEP has insisted, despite a new opinion poll indicating a third of Tory voters now believe quitting the bloc has created more problems than it solved. However, said the ruling Tory Government is rather failing by failing to take advantage of the multiple benefits it offered – and warning he and others are working to “obliterate” the at the next general election.

Opinium’s survey on behalf of the Best for Britain campaign group and published in The Sunday Telegraph, suggests some 33 percent of people who voted Conservative in 2019 now have a negative view of the decision.

Almost the same number of Tories (32 percent) said cutting ties had neither created nor solved more problems, 22 percent of Tories had a positive view, while one-third (32 percent) and the remaining 13 percent did not know.

Mr Habib, who served alongside 29 other Brexit Party MEPs, including Nigel Farage, in 2019, said: “The Tories have not just ruined our economy, our health service and the public sector at large, they have also squandered Brexit.

“When we voted to leave the EU, we voted for the country to leave as one United Kingdom.

“We did not vote for Northern Ireland to be left behind and for the entire country to remain hitched at the hip to EU laws.”

Almost seven years had passed since the referendum, and three years since former Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed his “oven ready” deal, Mr Habib pointed out.

Mr Habib added: “Well, that deal was rubbish and he and his multiple successors have failed to fix it. No one can claim Brexit has failed. We did not get Brexit – we got a lousy new self-harming new treaty with the EU. Do not blame Brexit, blame the Tories.”

Property developer Mr Habib is a member of Richard Tice’s Reform Party, into which the Brexit Party evolved after Britain officially left the EU on January 31, 2020.

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He added: “It’s entirely what you’d expect because the Government has wanted to bring forward the Brexit wins but has been systematically blocked and upended by the anti-Brexit establishment.”

Craig Mackinlay, the MP for South Thanet, said: “I’m not surprised to hear that because we have been far too timid in using the freedom of Brexit to actually deliver Brexit dividends.

“So that is the fault of our own administration.

“We should by now have been using the freedoms that we have.”