Sunak could be ousted in months as damning poll shows voters want an election this year

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A new poll has revealed that fed up voters want a general election in 2023 to decide who governs Britain. The results of the Techne UK survey for come as MPs return to Parliament from their Christmas break today with Rishi Sunak‘s government facing more strikes by nurses, railway employees and other sectors and the cost of living crisis still hitting millions around the country.

According to the findings 45 percent want a general election this year as Mr Sunak’s government lags at a record low in the polls while 39 percent do not want to go to the polls.

The desire for a general election comes as Opposition parties and some Tories continue to question the legitimacy of Mr Sunak’s government after first Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss were removed by Tory MPs last year.

In his speech to set out his stall for 2023 last week, Mr Sunak made five pledges that he said his government would deliver before the next election.

These included halving inflation, stopping the illegal migrants from coming over on small boats, getting the economy to grow, tackling NHS waiting lists and bringing down national debt.

But key 2019 election promises on levelling up and making the most of Brexit opportunities are no longer priorities while other pledges such as selling off Channel 4 have been ditched altogether.

The poll showed that even one in five Tory voters (21 percent) from the 2019 election and almost a third of Leave voters from 2016 now want to go to the polls again with a similar number wanting to change their mind from the last election.

A majority of voters aged under 55 want an election, although a small majority of older voters oppose one.

One of the groups most in favour of an election with a push to start to reverse Brexit are Remain voters from 2016 with 56 percent wanting to go to the polls.

The findings come from a survey of 1,624 voters last week which also revealed that 48 percent do not think Mr Sunak will survive to the end of the year as Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Techne UK has recorded its lowest-ever support for the Conservatives since the polling company entered the UK market three years ago at 25 percent.

It puts them 21 points behind Labour with the gap growing by four points over Christmas.

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