Trump news – live: Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg sentenced as ex-president blasts border, Biden papers

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Trump’s former CFO ‘regrets harm caused’ after getting five-month sentence

Donald Trump has baselessly accused President Joe Biden of sharing US secrets with China, after it emerged that classified documents from his time as vice president had been discovered at a think tank in Washington DC.

Mr Biden’s attorneys said they found the government materials in a private office at the Penn Biden Center in November, prompting a Justice Department investigation.

Mr Trump jumped on the news, claiming – without any evidence – that the president handed the documents to China.

“The Biden giving China Highly Classified Documents would be a bridge too far. I certainly wouldn’t do that. Not a good situation for our Country to be in,” he ranted on his Truth Social platform.

This comes as Mr Trump is currently under investigation for mishandling government records after leaving office.

Also on Monday, a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, concluded its probe into Mr Trump’s alleged attempt to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. The county’s district attorney will decide whether to file charges by the end of the month.

In other news, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has been sentenced to five months in jail after pleading guilty to several tax crimes stemming from a sweeping investigation Mr Trump’s business empire.


Republicans who stayed silent on Mar-a-Lago papers now slam Biden

A number of Republican politicians who tried to dismiss the discovery of classified materials during an FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago are now claiming to be outraged by a similar situation that has arisen with the discovery of classified materials by Joe Biden’s attorneys at a DC think tank.

It’s a sudden change of heart that reveals the very political side of Washington politicians’ response to allegations of mismanagement by one of their own.

John Bowden reports.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 22:00

Biden ignores reporter question about classified documents

Gustaf Kilander reports.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 21:30

Voices: My mom got sucked in to QAnon – I can imagine how it happened to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sean Donnelly writes that if the controversial far-right Georgia congresswoman can back away from the QAnon conspiracy, then perhaps there is hope for anyone.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 21:00

Biden classified papers included memos on Ukraine, Iran, UK

The classified papers discovered in a think tank office formerly used by Joe Biden included memos on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom which reportedly date back to Mr Biden’s second term as vice president during the Obama administration.

Andrew Feinberg reports.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 20:30

Trump mourns conservative commentator ‘Diamond’ Lynnette Hardaway of Diamond and Silk

Former president Donald Trump mourned the death of one-half of his ardent supporting duo of “Diamond and Silk”, as Diamond Lynnette Hardaway passed away on Monday night.

“Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, all Americans,” wrote Mr Trump on his social media site Truth Social. “Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loves so much, North Carolina.”

Namita Singh reports.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 20:00

Weisselberg sentenced to five months in jail

The former longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization has been sentenced to five months in jail after pleading guilty to several tax crimes stemming from a sweeping investigation into Donald Trump’s business empire.

Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 violations of New York tax law in August after prosecutors accused him of participating in a years-long “systemic” fraud scheme and a “sweeping and audacious illegal payment” arrangement in which Trump companies paid him generous benefits – including free rent, luxury car leases, and private school tuition for his grandchildren – that were not reported for tax purposes.

Alex Woodward reports.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 19:45

What we know so far about the classified Biden documents found at think tank

Attorney General Merrick Garland has advised the US attorney in Chicago to review a number of potentially classified documents taken from the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington DC — including potentially classfied documents from President Joe Biden’s vice presidential office.

Here’s what we know so far:

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 19:30

Allen Weisselberg arrives for sentencing in Trump Organization case

Allen Weisselberg, a longtime executive for Donald Trump’s real estate empire whose testimony helped convict the former president’s company of tax fraud, is set this afternoon for dodging taxes on $1.7m in job perks.

New York Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is expected to sentence Weisselberg, a senior Trump Organization adviser and former chief financial officer, to five months in jail, in keeping with a plea agreement reached in August.

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 19:15

Watch: Scalise says press not asking same questions of Biden about classified docs

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 19:00

Key differences between the Trump and Biden classified documents

Oliver O’Connell10 January 2023 18:54