‘That’s the difference!’ Commons erupts as Sunak tears apart Starmer’s ‘petty politics’

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But Mr Sunak hit back, claiming the only reason Labour isn’t supporting their new anti-strike legislation is because the party is in the pockets of unions.

He told MPs: “The Conservatives are on the side of patients. Labour is on the side of their union paymasters”.

The Government’s new legislation will introduce “minimum safety levels” for several industries, limiting their ability to take industrial action.

In a dig aimed at the Government’s new legislation, Sir Keir said there is currently no “minimum service level any day, because [the Conservatives] have broken the NHS”.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Sir Keir’s plans for NHS reforms, describing them as being a “completely disruptive, unfunded top-down reorganisation”.

He added that they are “completely unaffordable and out-of-date, just like the Labour Party”.

Mr Sunak also used PMQs to shut down speculation over his choice of healthcare provider, which has been growing in recent weeks.

The Prime Minister told MPs he is registered with an NHS GP, but admitted to using private healthcare in the past.