Andrew Tate: Romanian police announce fresh raids as seven homes searched

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Romanian authorities have announced fresh raids in the investigation against Andrew Tate as seven homes are searched.

DIICOT, the prosecutors overseeing the case announced that seven homes were searched on Thursday morning in Bucharest, Ilfov counties and Prahova.

It comes after Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan this week lost thier appeal against a judge’s decision to extend his arrest period from 24 hours to 30 days on charges of being part of an organised crime group, human trafficking and rape.

Andrew Tate leaving court after losing his appeal this week

Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romanian anti-organised crime agency DIICOT, said a Bucharest appeals court late on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Tate, his co-accused brother Tristan and two Romanian women arrested in the same police operation.

In a statement on Thursday morning, DIICOT said: “This morning, the prosecutors of DIICOT – Central Structure, in the continuation of the investigations in the case regarding the commission of the crimes of constituting an organized criminal group, human trafficking and rape, implement seven home search warrants, within the radius of Bucharest municipality and Ilfov counties and Prahova.

“Judicial activities are carried out together with police officers from BCCO Bucharest and SCCO Ilfov.

“We make it clear that during the entire criminal process, the investigated persons benefit from the procedural rights and guarantees provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as the presumption of innocence.”

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