Man charged with trying to kidnap barista by dragging her out of drive-thru window

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A 38-year-old man has been charged with second-degree kidnapping after attempting to pull a barista through a drive-thru window in Auburn, Washington, according to King County prosecutors.

Matthew Darnell has been charged in the attempted kidnapping after the incident occurred on Monday at a Beankini Espresso location in Auburn, according to The Seattle Times.

Mr Darnell reportedly visited the coffee stand around 5am on Monday.

Surveillance video captured Mr Darnell attempting to put a zip tie over the barista’s head as he tried to pull her through the window and into his pickup truck while she was handing him change, according to court documents reviewed by the paper.

The barista managed to slip out of his grip, close the window, and call police, according to the documents.

Police released the video and asked for the public’s help identifying the man, noting a “Chevrolet” tattoo he had on his arm that was visible in the footage. They tracked his truck from the coffee stand using traffic surveillance videos and identified him using the tattoo on his arm.

Mr Darnell allegedly “carefully chose” the barista, who prosecutors say is at least 200 pounds lighter than him and was working alone at the time of the alleged attempted kidnapping.

Authorities have not determined why Mr Darnell was allegedly trying to kidnap the woman.

Police visited Mr Darnell’s home on Tuesday, during which he said he wanted to turn himself in. Police searched his truck, where they found the zip tie loop he allegedly attempted to use to restrain the woman. He was arrested later that day.

Law enforcement returned the next day to execute a search warrant at his home, where they found a bundle of zip ties in his bedroom.

Mr Darnell’s bail has been set at $500,000 and he has been barred from contacting the barista or going to the coffee shop location.