Brexit damaged Britain’s economy and trade but latest poll shows split over return to EU

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A new poll has suggested Brexit has damaged the UK’s economy, trade, public services and place in the world, as the country approaches the third anniversary of leaving the EU. The BMG survey was conducted for i and suggested that the voters are now almost evenly divided over the question of rejoining the EU with nearly one in 10 Leave supporters backing a move to reverse Brexit.

The poll also stated that Prime Minister’s approval ratings are trailing far behind leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer’s.

It also found that Sunak’s polling bounce is now over with the Conservatives lagging behind Labour by 17 points.

On Friday, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a fresh attempt to use the regulatory freedoms of Brexit to boost Britain’s economy by encouraging business investment.

When asked if the voters believe the impact of going back into the Bloc would be, voters on balance expect that the economy, the cost of living, and trade with both the EU and non-EU states would all improve.

Forty-seven percent forecast a positive effect on the economy with 24 percent saying it would be negative.

The news report by i stated that the NHS and Britain’s standing and influence in the world would also get better, according to the public.

The only area where the UK would go backwards after rejoining the EU would be immigration, the poll found, with 33 percent saying migration levels would get worse while 26 percent expect improvement.

However, a large proportion of respondents, between 20 and 40 percent, said that rejoining the EU would make no difference to each of the various issues.

BMG warned: “Voters might think that rejoining would have positives, but at the same time may be reluctant to go through the short-term upheaval and disruption of the re-joining process.”

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Mr Sunak’s personal ratings have slipped to -23, compared to -3 when BMG polled the public in late November. 24 percent approve of the job he is doing and 47 percent disapprove.

Sir Keir’s net ratings stand at +4.