Donald Trump Says He Deserves ‘Revenge Tour’ If Reelected

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Donald Trump just offered voters another reason why they shouldn’t send him back to Washington in the next election: the possibility of a “revenge tour.”

The former president made the suggestion Thursday during an interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, after a question about how he might use the powers of the White House to “punish people who punished you.”

Trump tried to come off as a magnanimous statesman who wouldn’t take advantage of the nation’s highest office to go after his enemies.

No, I wouldn’t do that,” Trump insisted. “I want to bring our country forward. No, I wouldn’t do that.”

However, he did suggest that he would be perfectly justified in using the presidency to get back at his haters ― even though he’d never, of course, do such a thing (despite the fact that he previously abused his power on a number of occasions, according to CNN).

“I would be entitled to a revenge tour, if you want to know the truth,” Trump said. “But I wouldn’t do that.”

Trump said that if elected, he will focus not on his enemies, but on straightening out the border, improving the economy and preventing a potential disaster he claimed is looming with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — apparently feeling obliged to also mention: “He always liked me. … He doesn’t like Biden.”

You can hear Trump’s comments below.

Nearly two years out from the 2024 vote, Trump’s chances of reelection currently don’t look that great.

He raised less than $5 million in the final month of 2022 for his new presidential campaign ― a total not much larger than what he earned on just one December day by selling photoshopped pictures of himself.

In addition, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday that polling data he saw from before the 2020 election, among other factors, helped convince him that Trump now “can’t win a general election.”

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