Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Sinks To Lobbing Personal Insult At Greta Thunberg

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Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday again resorted to personally insulting climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Gutfeld, appearing on “The Five,” called the Swedish campaigner a “bug-eyed brat.” Last year, Gutfeld likened Thunberg to a “shrieking psycho brat.

He’s the latest in a long line of men ― which has included former President Donald Trump ― to make mean, bullying comments about the activist, whose relentless campaigning for the environment has drawn ire from multiple high-profile figures on the right.

Thunberg often fires back at such insults via subtle changes to her bio on Twitter. She’s yet to make such a change addressing Gutfeld’s diatribe, however.

Gutfeld’s dig came as he suggested President Joe Biden “doesn’t understand priorities” with his warning that climate change is a bigger threat than nuclear war.

“It also kind of shows what an empty vessel he is. The handlers just insert their USB drive into his brain and he pumps out these shallow and insipid platitudes,” he said.

It was “exactly what you would hear from that bug-eyed brat Greta Thunberg,” Gutfeld continued. He then suggested that people like Biden and Thunberg are actually hurting the climate movement more.

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