Nicola Bulley – latest: Father hopes for ‘breakthrough’ three weeks after dog walker’s disappearance

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Ex-detective says police have ‘destroyed’ Nicola Bulley’s reputation

Nicola Bulley’s family “just need a breakthrough to give us some hope”, her father has said, three weeks after the mother-of-two went missing while walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre.

“Every day is a struggle,” said Ernie Bulley, shortly after the family revealed that the 45-year-old was dealing with side effects from the menopause.

They said: “Due to the peri menopause Nikki suffered with significant side effects such as brain fog, restless sleep and was taking HRT to help but this was giving her intense headaches which caused Nikki to stop taking the HRT thinking that may have helped her but only ended up causing this crisis.”

Rishi Sunak has since expressed concern over Lancashire Police’s decision to disclose information about Ms Bulley’s personal life, as the force came under fire for what was labelled a “sexist” error when they disclosed information about Ms Bulley‘s struggles with alcohol and the menopause.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Sunak said: I was concerned that private information was put in the public domain and I’m pleased the police are looking at how that happened and the investigation.”


Nicola Bulley’s family ‘just need a breakthrough’, says father

Nicola Bulley’s family “just need a breakthrough to give us some hope”, her father has said.

Speaking to Sky News, Ernie Bulley said that “every day is a struggle”, adding: “[We’re] no further on from three weeks ago.

“[We] just need a breakthrough to give us some hope.”

Here is a clip of Mr Bulley speaking to the broadcaster in the first week of the search:

Nicola Bulley’s family pleas for information as search is ongoing
Andy Gregory18 February 2023 07:49

‘Disappointing’ that home secretary did not express ‘concerns’ to police and crime commissioner

It is “disappointing” that home secretary Suella Braverman did not express her “concerns” over the police’s handling of Nicola Bulley’s case to the local police and crime commissioner, the former head of Greater Manchester Police has said.

Sir Peter Fahy told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think it’s disappointing she didn’t approach the police and crime commissioner about that, who is the locally elected person to oversee policing in Lancashire.

“I’ve not seen any criticism of the fact that Lancashire Police have been very, very diligent in tracing lots of witnesses and eyewitnesses, mobile phone data, huge use of CCTV.

“That itself has closed off many potential theories about what has happened to this poor woman.”

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 08:56

Dog walker who found Nicola Bulley’s phone on bench says ‘something wasn’t right’

A dog walker who found Nicola Bulley’s mobile phone on a bench before she had been reported missing has claimed that he “knew something wasn’t right”, my colleague Jane Dalton reports.

The man, identified only as Ron, thought when he first spotted the phone that someone had left it there while they had gone to relieve themselves nearby.

He had been walking beside the river in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, close to the spot where the mother of two disappeared on the morning of 27 January.

But Ron said that when it became clear that nobody was returning to the mobile, he picked it up, at around 9.35am, and saw a wallpaper image flash up showing Ms Bulley with her partner, Paul Ansell.

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 07:39

All the evidence released so far in the case of the missing dog walker

Ms Bulley, originally from Essex but now resident in Inskip, was heading east along the River Wyre in Lancashire with her brown springer spaniel Willow when she vanished near St Michael’s on Wyre at approximately 9.15am on Friday 27 January.

She was seen by at least one fellow dog walker moments before disappearing.

Joe Sommerlad has a brief overview of the information released so far as the investigation continues:

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 07:00

Map shows key areas in Nicola Bulley search

Nicola Bulley’s disappearance continues to confound police and public three weeks after the mortgage broker vanished in Lancashire.

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 06:00

Watch: Loose Women’s co-stars Kelle Bryan and Jane Moore clash over Nicola Bulley debate

Loose Women’s co-stars Kelle Bryan and Jane Moore clash over Nicola Bulley debate
Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 05:00

Residents in Nicola Bulley’s village hire security firm to stop snooping vigilantes

Neighbours of Nicola Bulley have had to beef up their security because amateur detectives are snooping into people’s homes.

Lancashire Police has repeatedly asked people outside of the village of Saint Michael’s on Wyre not to visit to conduct their own searches after the 45-year-old mother disappeared on January 27.

But Wyre Council leader Michael Vincent said villagers, particularly older residents, have been left “terrified” as vigilantes complete DIY probes. He said that they had even resorted to employing private security firms in a bid to protect their privacy.

William Mata reports:

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 04:00

Images capture police search teams on the banks of the River Wyre in Hambleton, Lancashire, as officers continue their search for missing woman Nicola Bulley.

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 03:00

Timeline of Nicola Bulley mystery

We take a look at a timeline of the case as the search continues:

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 02:00

Watch: Diver says search methods would have changed if vulnerabilities were known

Nicola Bulley: Diver says search methods would have changed if vulnerabilities were known
Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 01:00