The fascinating history of French food podcast

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Welcome to The Good Life France podcast.

In this episode we’ll be talking about a topic that’s on everyone’s lips in France – great classic French food! And especially food that has a fascinating history, cheese that has a 6000 year old past, stew that helped save a town from a siege by their dastardly enemy hundreds of years ago, mouthwatering cakes that were made by accident but became legendary.

French food podcast

Some dishes are just a bit more special because of their heritage, it makes them taste even more delicious. Plus we’ll share some of the places where we’ve eaten these dishes so that you can enjoy them at their best too. And if you’re feeling peckish at the end of the podcast, there are hundreds of great recipes on the website!

And in the Q&A section a listener asks “Do the French really take a two hour lunch break?” Find out as Janine Marsh, author and editor of The Good Life France Magazine, and Olivier Jauffrit of radio titillate your tastebuds with talk of all things tasty and tempting in this flavoursome French food episode!

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