Donald Trump Jr. Throws Himself A Full-On Pity Party Over Fox News Absence

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Donald Trump Jr. — in a video shared online — whined about not being invited to appear on Fox News anymore.

The eldest son of former President Donald Trump blamed Republican former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is now on the board of directors at Fox Corp., for his absence from the conservative network.

The Trump scion first claimed “no one gives a crap” about Ryan’s vow not to attend the 2024 Republican National Convention if Donald Trump becomes the GOP nominee. Ryan has said he’ll support “anybody but Trump” in the election.

Trump Jr. then slammed the channel, which has come increasingly under the spotlight in recent days with the release of court documents that show owner Rupert Murdoch knew its personalities “endorsed” Trump’s 2020 election lies.

“This guy is the guy on the board of Fox News, which also explains a lot about the direction and some of the content I’m seeing out there folks,” Trump Jr. said of Ryan.

“This explains, to me, almost everything, frankly,” he continued. “I know I haven’t been invited on in six months, so I’m sure that’s him pushing his RINO, America Last, war-forever garbage, fold to the Democrats’ agenda.”

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