How new post-Brexit rules affect bringing goods to Spain via France

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España vaciada or ‘Empty Spain’ refers to huge rural areas in the country’s interior that have suffered severe depopulation over the past decades.

Provinces and regions such as Soria, Teruel, Cuenca and parts of Extremadura are the most affected in Spain and are among the least populated areas in Europe. It is estimated that 3,403 municipalities in Spain are at serious risk of depopulation.

A life in the Spanish countryside can be blissful, especially for those who wish to get away from Spain’s busy and noisy cities, but the matter of work is one of the main drawbacks for many people considering the move, especially those of working age.

At Spain’s 6th Congress on Depopulation and Demographic Challenges in the city of Albacete in February, there was talk of action rather than victimisation, with calls for ‘Empty Spain’ to be referred to as ‘The Spain of Opportunities’ instead. 

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In that vein, rural Spain offers far cheaper property and rental prices, an impressive and growing network of villages with fast internet, a lack of competition and the welcoming attitude of locals who want new arrivals to breathe life into their waning municipalities.

So if you’re considering what kind of businesses you could set up in rural Spain, here are 20 ideas to get you started.

Door-to-door errands
Many businesses and physical shops have been closing down in rural Spain, opening the way for door-to-door services from larger towns. This could be for anything from gardening to furniture delivery to clothes shopping.

Service aggregator
Good online services are few and far between in rural Spain, so one good option could be to gather together lists of local plumbers, painters, electricians, etc and present them in one place so that people only have to go to one website to find what they need.

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Mobile beauty services
Often those in rural villages might have to travel a long way to get their hair done or have any beauty treatments such as waxing or manicures, so there’s a lot of scope for someone willing to provide mobile services door-to-door.

Specialised training centres
Training centres are severely lacking in rural communities in Spain and often people have to travel several hours to a large city if they want to undertake some type of course. An online training centre with face-to-face support and assistance could be a great idea.

Food delivery services
We take companies like Glovo and Just Eat for granted in big cities, but in the countryside, these are often just not available. One good business idea could be a food delivery service with its own kitchen to supply rural areas.

Private minibuses
Public transport can be spotty and unreliable in underpopulated areas (or even non-existent), so a minibus service offering set routes for people to be able to go shopping or visit nearby towns could be a profitable venture.

Co-living spaces
Co-living spaces have become all the rage in places popular with digital nomads – basically large houses where people can live together and enjoy a range of services. It could be ideal in places where they aren’t many options available to rent.

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Co-working spaces
With Spain’s Startups Law approved and the digital nomad visa now available, there may be an increase in remote workers who want to experience rural Spain. They will, however, need services like a good internet connection and office spaces, so co-working spaces will be in demand. 

Online communication services
In areas with a good internet connection, it’s possible to create online communication businesses such as podcasts, online newspapers or newsletters to connect communities.

Ecotourism companies
Of course, rural or eco-tourism companies are a no-brainer, especially if you are located close to natural and national parks or areas of stunning natural beauty. It could feature activities such as bird watching, hiking excursions or even photography tours.

Business services
If you are good at what you do, you could help other local businesses by providing marketing services, legal advice or digital services, so that they can thrive too.

Artisanal/Farmer’s markets
Creating places so that locals can sell their local produce could be another great idea in rural communities, especially if people can find them all in one spot. 

Reclaim lost trades
Basket makers, knife sharpeners and blacksmiths are just some of the professions which are scarce these days, but in rural areas, there may still be a need for them, plus many of the places where you can do them such as old mills etc. still exist. 

Local gourmet produce
There is more and more demand for local kilometre 0 produce, which you could market and turn into a gourmet product for nearby towns. 

Workshops or factories producing natural products
One advantage that the countryside has is that the land to build an industrial plant is much cheaper and, in addition, you have better access to raw materials too.

Restoration of towns and villages
With more than 3,000 abandoned towns in Spain, there are a whole array of profitable ideas that they could become, from language camps for foreigners to tourist attractions or hotel villages.

Gym and wellness services
One of the big problems in rural Spain is that people are so spread out and often don’t get the chance for certain services like in cities. Why not start yoga or Zumba classes and travel around to different areas so that people can partake in these activities?

Digital intermediation
More and more services are going online, but in rural areas people may not be used to this yet and still hold on to old practices. By acting as an intermediary, your business could help people through the digital transformation process.

Recovery and care of the environment
Recovering old olive trees to mill for oil or planting new crops could be a business idea that will help both the rural communities and the environment.

Basic services
Don’t forget that basic services are also needed in rural villages such as bakeries, hairdressers, bars, mobile repair shops, pharmacies and local stores, and these can be of great benefit to the local communities too.